Nigerian Celebrities And The Poverty In Nigeria


Nigerian And The Poverty In Nigeria is a lens through which the society can also be looked at from.

Most people look at through the wrong perspective.

They look at their favorite Nigerian celebrities not for the potential they contain or the capacity of change they are capable of.

Their mind does not see these and how poverty is affected by these celebrities.

The Nigerian celebrities we see as mere entertainers are more than that label. They are influencers.

People look up to them and follow their examples. In other words they make public opinions either rigid or flexible.

A is an economic venture not just for the act itself but for Nigeria as a whole.

A lot of Nigerian Celebrities has fallen into the habit of buying expensive items, from luxurious cars to mansions in foreign lands.

Thus the Nigerian celebrities and poverty in Nigeria is affected by each other.

Imagine a situation where these Nigerian celebrities spend these cash on job creation. Imagine the change it would bring.

Some of them are parking expensive cars worth millions of dollars in their garage when that same amount would have erected many an industry for the good of the people as well as for these Nigerian celebrities themselves.

For profit surely is a reality waiting at the tunnel of such investments.

But instead of owning part of the responsibilities of making a better Nigeria, they cling to unnecessary and expensive lifestyles.

Only if Nigerian celebrities could begin investing in businesses with a generic utility value only then would the entertainment industry in Nigeria would have served a national duty, beneficial to all Nigerians

Nigerian celebrities and the poverty in Nigeria are related and its high time this relationship is honoured the way it should.

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