Nigerian Celebrities Collabo Photos


Nigerian Collabo was the caption that came to mind when I came across these pictures.

It is not unusual to find posing before the lens of an eager camera but is unusual is to find them posing in an unofficial setting.


I mean unofficial in the sense that the photos were not taken in an organised social gathering.

Above you have two of the most successful artist and producers in Nigeria on that Celebrities Collabo photos.

And I would dare say its a sight, especially after hearing Timaya say and himself are not that close.


On this Nigerian Celebrities Collabo Photo we have the likes of  Mercy Johnson, Richard Mofe Damijo, Kanayo O Kanaya and then…please somebody help me with his name. Can’t seem to remember.


On yet another Nigerian Celebrities Collabo photo we have one of the Aki and Pawpaw duo surrounded by heavyweight Nigerian Comedians.

Gandoki and AY Stands out.

Now that’s a sight that would serve as a memory stamp tomorrow.

These Nigerian Celebrities Collabo photos are would one day serve as the mirror to the past.

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