Nigerian Celebrities From Bayelsa State

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Nigerian From are making it in their own way. From music to movie, you would find that Bayelsan act.

But what is their impact in society or more particularly in the Bayelsan society where they are traditional members?

These From State are leaving so far away from home that they are missing the point.

The point that states the obvious, of them bringing home some of their wealth, establishing a business or two.

Empowering their people and becoming more connected to the the issue on ground. The issue of lack now so prevalent.

What is truly their use if their opulence and influence cannot rub off on their own people in positive ways.

At the end of the day, these Celebrities From Bayelsa State would return home, if not in their old age but when they die.

Bayelsa State cannot only serve as a burial ground. Our investments on this ground should go beyond burial sites.

These Nigerian Celebrities From Bayelsa State can help set up monuments or help bring the awareness of those who can.

They have star power and they should start using it.

Having the copies of the monstrous buildings they have else where in Nigeria can help change the face of a state that has remained ugly for too long

Timaya for instance should go home and draw out a space for a scenery worth the plaudits of those with fine tastes.

Nigerian Celebrities From Bayelsa State should stand up!

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