Nigerian Celebrity: Akpororo As A Reference Point For Young Dads


Nigerian Celebrity: As A Reference Point For Young Dads

There are a lot of who are either Mums or Dads already.

Then we have the one’s we all Like to talk about as well as imagine.

Those young couples cemented by the laws of culture and the blessings of the church. Those couples existing within the walls of Holy Matrimony.

No matter what grounds you have your parenthood on, the fact still remains that as young dads, you have a role to play.

That picture of akpororo about a young dad, taking time out of busy schedules to bond with his .

A lot of men don’t do this. They work, bring material surplus to the family and for them that is where it ends.

A big lie!

The child is the fruit of the house, a fruit that must be tendered to with love through commitment and companionship.

A man shouldn’t just carry his child but while doing so, talk to the child.

Pour words of inspiration into the young mind and even as they sleep in your arms, don’t stop telling them that they are the greatest gift to the world.

That the world has been waiting for them to come and do great exploits.

Let your voices become for them the assurance that all is well.

Do not become like those fathers, who spends time far away making material gains for family and future.

Only to miss out from the most important period of his child’s life.


You deserve to be part of it. It creates an undying bond between father and child.

It is the best way a man can be a dad.

Whether inside or outside matrimony, make sure you spend more time with your kids.

Or one day they grow too big and it becomes too late.

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