Nigerian Celebrity: Ali Baba And The Moment He Almost Got Beaten


Nigerian Celebrity: And The Moment He Almost Got Beaten

There are a lot of things in that could actually get you thoroughly beaten.

Such as doing the right thing or being patriotic.

That was how was almost rough handled for obeying the principles of altruism.

Read the story of why it almost happened from the narrating words of Ali Baba himself.

@alibabagcfr  –  The education of our minds as a people a very important tangent in The Whole efforts to have a better country.

Met someone today who reminded me of how he and some people had to rescue me from the hands of some angry youths in Warri in 2008…

I had checked into Hotel Excel and wanted to another hotel down the road that our guys were checked into.

There was a long queue of vehicles, trying to avoid a very deep and wide pothole. And it had caused the traffic to build up.

Anyway, I came down and looked at the bad spot. It was bad. But thought that it would make a difference if broken blocks were poured into the bad portions, just to let the traffic flow better till the place was repaired.

Anyway, since I was there for 4 days, one day was gone, I called my guys in Warri to arrange for 2 trucks of rubbles to be poured in. And went on to the hotel down the road.

About 2 hours later, the driver of the tipper and the guys supervising the filling were beaten up and asked to call who sent them. I rushed to the scene and met about 12 youths and all of them asking what gave me the audacity to start work without settling them.

I introduced myself and one of them said, “So because you be Ali Baba, make we relocate?”

I then told them what had made me do it. And added that if they were that bitter about it, I was very sorry. I told the 2 drivers who had been told to kneel by the road to take back the rubbles.

That was when the man I ran into today, a known Warri guy, came to resolve it. He begged me not to take back the rubbles, since they had been bought and said we should forget all the drama.

At this time, one of their Councilors had been called to the scene. He apologized and even joined in spreading the rubbles.

Long story short, and Needless to mention that the traffic had built up all the way to Warri/Sapele Road. But soon after the rubbles were evenly spread, the traffic flowed seamlessly.

At the point I was about to leave, some Okumagba Layout boys had been informed and were ready to come kpokpo the area.

There were some slaps, brushing, kwaking, and some threats, that would have led to some serious gbege, thanks to the arrival of 2 Military patrol!

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