Nigerian Celebrity Ali Baba And The Temple Courts


Nigerian And The Temple Courts

The arrests of the 7 judges in Nigeria has seen a lot of political reviews reach the surface of public notice.

Many a number has called the act an expression of tyranny.

While others like thinks otherwise.

For him, these judges had it coming for a long time.

And that as an action it should be allowed full expression.

In Ali Baba’s opinion the DSS were right to break into the private quarters of these judges even though it looks like an affront on .

In his own way of relating the whole episode to the case of Jesus using the whip in the temple, Ali Baba has this to say.

A lot of nonsense had been going on in the temple courts… and DSS went in and cleared… ok don’t take my word for it, go read Matthew 21:12… I if it is now, Jesus would have been charged for assault, damages, disturbing public peace,… because I can bet he did not have a warrant 

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