Nigerian Celebrity Blog: Julius Agwu And His Health


Nigerian Blog: And His Health

Julius Agwu And His Health became the headlines on most if not all tabloids and celebrity blogs some weeks back.

The of collapse and hospital bed rest wafted through our social feeds and Nigeria became worried.

It was some months back that the Ikwere born Comedian survived a brain surgery abroad.

So when the news of Julius Agwu And His Health came rushing back to Nigeria from the UK.

People feared the worst.

Thank God for his mercies and grace.

And that’s what this post is all about. It seems most Nigerians are unaware that Julius Agwu And His Health are under God’s express care.

For those in the know, Julius Agwu is a very religious man that gives God his space in his .

That alone is enough to see him through.

Of course people who believe in God do die but what a man believes a man attracts.

And the believe that Julius Agwu has in God is so sufficient to empower him through each day.

But we must continue to pray for him. To join our belief with his.

The belief of life and in life.

It is well with Julius Agwu And His Health..Amen!