Nigerian Celebrity Blog:Timaya The Egberi Papa of Bayelsa


Nigerian Blog: Timaya The Egberi Papa of Bayelsa

Timaya has become a force. A force that operates through .

He known everywhere in Nigeria and even Africa has taken notice.

Timaya is also known in almost all quarters as the Egberi Papa of .

What that means is that he is the story teller of his own state, in fact the father of them all.

But how true is that?

The origin of Timaya’s music career saw him singing about issues affecting his people.

We all remember the song on Odi and other similar songs, but that was in the past.

In that not so distant past, was quite concerned with situations affecting his environment and people in that environment.

But is this still the fact when we look at him?


Timaya has since stopped talking about the stories of the people and even more the story of his people.

How can he be the father story teller of Bayelsa and yet is silent on issues that his loud voice would have helped exposed?

He should be reminded of his beginning.

He should remember that to be the Egberi Papa he must tell the stories around him.

Those sad situations troubling his people in Bayelsa that is no different from the Odi Massacre.

His voice could help the world see the light about such issues and maybe from there render help.

As a story teller his story should flow through his songs.

Stories of.
* Political Corruption
*Social Vices
*Religious Intolerance
*The way forward

The list goes on.

For Timaya to remain the Egberi Papa he should really begin to be the mouth piece of the people, his people!

There is no better time to start over again in this regard but now.

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