Nigerian Celebrity Dakore Egbuson’s Biographical Facts


Nigerian Dakore Egbuson’s Biographical Facts

Nigerian Celebrity Egbuson can be considered one of the A-list actresses in Nigeria.

Sharing rank with others such as , Omotola and Genevieve even though she might not be as obvious as them.

Today we shall take a look into her biographical facts and maybe learn a bit about this Ijaw Lady.

Nigerian Celebrity Dakore Egbuson’s Biographical Facts.

1. First thing first, she a Bayelsan. From which village exactly, I don’t know. (Someone Please help out)

2. She was actually born in on October 14, 1978 .

3. Her schooling were in Bauchi and Lagos, where she attended Federal Government college and Corona School respectively.

4. She is a University of Lagos drop out.

5. she has acted in over 50 films.

6. Her Movie Career Started when she met Emem Isong.

7. She was first a TV presenter before becoming an actress at BEN Television.

8. She also had a stint of professional music, while in London. During which time she had performed with Tony Allen and Weird Mc.

9. She is the first of five kids made of 3 boys and 2 girls, herself included.

10. Her brother Timi Egbuson is also an actor.

11. She is married to Olumide Akande and the marriage is blessed with two daughters.

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