Nigerian Celebrity Denrele Birthday Photos


Nigerian photos is a proof that maybe there is a side to Denrele that is not yet corrupted by his anomalies.

Today the Nigerians own celebrated insanity turns plus one and while most of us were expecting to see more of his usual self. He would take us all by surprise, with new and a poem.


Nigerian Celebrity Denrele birthday photos is nothing compared to what our imagination had anticipated.

He actually was without his high heels, those traditional monstrosities that are his emblem and signature.


He looks every inch a responsible fella.


Truthfully it does not at all look or feel like him because by all standards, the Denrele birthday photos should have at least comprised of his high heels.

So dudes like us could continue to pour invectives on him but with what I am now seeing, its obvious that Denrele might have a side worth admiring.

Check out the poem.