Nigerian Celebrity: Don Jazzy And Failed International Collabo


Nigerian has over the past years through hard work and success story earned himself a name.

The name “one of the best producers in Nigeria and Africa”.

That kind of reps earns any man an international recognition that would see foreign seeking to work with you.

Bit what happens when these foreign artist don’t want to expose the african sound or rather that unique hip hop rhythm?

This is what Don Jazzy Has to say concerning that.

“Most of these American artistes would call you, they believe you have something that they like, so they call you to come and try something out. A bunch of people that I have tried to work with or have tried to work with me chicken out at the end of the day because they aren’t really ready for the music ; they want me to tweak it till it gets back to their sound. I can give you your sound, but then, you called me for something and then I try to give to my sound and I want you to do your thing on top of it which would give the sound a wider recognition but they say they aren’t ready for this switch drastically. I think they are still scared”  

But then eventually the time will come and that sound would get out there and people would recognise us as it should be.

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