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Nigerian News is another phase of as a .

Yes! It is our mission to bring write-ups that add value to the lives of our readers.

But on the side is the need for play time treats and that’s where gossip comes into it. Entertainment gossips.

The kind that talks more of Nigerian Entertainment than its does foreign gists.

Even as a Gossip News website, our focus is more on Nigerians. We are all about the Nigerian content.

Of course from time to time foreign celebrity gists would have to come into play. For now its only when it is of necessity.

Or when the writers on Gossip Chef increases, to fit into such roles.

Thus to get the best of Nigerian Celebrity Gossip News, do visit this site at

It would be my duty to introduce what Gossip Chef is All About with similar posts.

I think everything is made out of purpose and since your are part of our online story, we want you to also live in our purpose by knowing it.

Keep reading because you are on to theĀ  bestĀ  Nigerian Celebrity Gossip News any day or time.

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