Nigerian Celebrity Ini Edo Now As Slim As…


Nigerian has become as slim as no one would have imagined possible with the size she once carried on her body.

Some while back I remember coming across her making claims of a slimming tea that does wonders in that regard.

But be it that tea or something else, it obvious that the Ini Edo is on a program that is definitely shredding those fat layers without remorse.

But is this version better or more preferable to the Ini Edo we once knew and admired?

She no longer carries the curves that once defined the old Ini Edo.

She is now a new kind of Ini Edo, the kind that has a flat belly and an average backside.

But no matter what we think, it no news that health is wealth and removing extra fat from the body is an healthy move any day or time.

Thus it is up to the Celebrity Ini Edo to decide what path her health takes and that’s what she is all about with a slim version of herself that might not be impressive to a lot of admirers out there.

But then the Nigerian Celebrity Ini Edo does look alluring in her slim version.

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