Nigerian Celebrity Julius Agwu, His Mum and Wife in Group Photograph

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Julius Agwu, His Mum and Wife in Group Photograph

Nigerian Celebrity Julius Agwu had his mum and wife take a lovely photograph with him in the middle. And just by staring at it for some seconds.

I began to think of the transformations.

Of what has become the life’s chronicle of Julius Agwu’s journey through The Nigerian entertainment industry.

I remember watching paradise park back then in Port Harcourt, when NTA was truly that station that did their best with entertainment but was still not the best.

He became quite popular during that period when his career took to music and actually gave Us a bite of what music mixed with comedy could look like.

I remember one particular home video in which he was an armed robber but can’t actually recollect the name.

Even in the movie industry his best was without doubt expressed.

Eva since then Julius Agwu has become an house hold name.

Today Julius Agwu is that Nigerian Celebrity whose life is now an expression of a new found religious fervor.

Just some weeks back it was announced that the Nigerian Celebrity Julius Agwu would be opening a new event centre with Christians only in mind.

And days later after that announcement came his social media proclamation of God’s love and his unending bid to worship HIM.

Some people are of the opinion that his near contact with death during his head surgery is the new fire burning this sudden religious front.

But then its only right he be grateful to God for saving him through the ordeal.

In summary the Nigerian Celebrity Julius Agwu is that one Nigerian Comedian, Singer and Actor who puts God first before anything else.

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