Nigerian Celebrity: Kate Henshaw And That Love For The Gym


Nigerian Celebrity: And That Love For The Gym

If asked to mention a single that has carved a space for herself.

That would be Kate Henshaw.

And this particular space does not have any celeb stuff attached to it.

Making it a space that is on neutral grounds.

For Kate Henshaw, that space was carved inside the .

Leave it or take it, no male or female has shown such dedication as Kate Henshaw to the hours spent in the gym.

This woman is a gym freak. She is so conscious of her health and body size, that almost every day has become gym hours.

In fact, she is the only Nigerian Celebrity with lots of gym session videos plastered on her Instagram wall.

She is the active fanatic that goes all miles out to attain her fitness goals.

And one that would do you good in your body goals agenda.

If you only but look up to her.

A reference point to inspire you.

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