Nigerian Celebrity: Praiz And The Fear Of Baby Mama’s

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Praiz is a Nigerian singer that most people just like myself love looking at as a full time church boy. Praiz does infuse a church feel into his music no matter the theme of the songs.

He is a vocalist, a bearded vocalist that would have easily passed for an hard core Rastafarian with love only for reggae.

But he is Praiz and for him there is always the aura of a church around. One would have expected his attitude and mindset to be as similar as the likes of WizKid, Timaya and other Nigerian Celebs who are all tied to the Baby Mama train but Praiz it seems isn’t cut out for such.


According to the interview he granted the Nigerian Tribune, he doesn’t PRAY TO HAVE A BABY MAMA instead Praiz is looking forward to the legal contract that binds a man and a woman as HUSBAND and WIFE.



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