Nigerian Celebrity Selebobo Basking In The Glory Of His Abs

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is not one of those celebrities whose face is as familiar to us as the label of a Peak Milk Can but he is one of them.

And it seems the brother might be looking for some attention. He took to Instagram and posted some abs pictures as if in an attempt to become part of the list.


Sexy he is but not yet qualified to be added. Anyways the Selebobo is on his way to becoming a very appealing guy to the ladies.


And I mean sexually appealing guy! Its a good thing to see our celebrities visit the gym more often and actually burning that fat and consequently setting a standard for others to follow.

It is sad enough to see most of them with their big belly telling its tale of beer parlour and tumbo. Celebrity Selebobo like Flavour, Peter Okoye and Iyanya are all forerunners of the fight against unnecessary fat.

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