Nigerian Celebrity: The Essence of Keeping Faith


Nigerian Celebrity: The Essence of Keeping Faith

We all have dreams, some greater than the others but all of them are characterised by struggles.

The struggles are the markers of how far we have come or the point at which we are still stagnated.

Some people simply just stop struggling, in other words they stop dreaming.

They give up and allow the moments of despair to decide for them.

While others continue.

The ones that continue, are guided by a mental picture of what they want.

And not by the looks of things and events at the moment.

These one’s, become the winners, they eventually succeed and become inspirations for others.

When you take a look at this picture, of , , and .

You will come to realize that the journey to fulfillment is long but would lead to a better end when followed.

Many female started with them but today these ladies are among the most famous and celebrated.

Of course there were times when they could have given up and parked their trade.

But hope and determination saw them through.

So if you are out there and you are already tired by the struggles then be informed that your tomorrow deserves today’s endurance.

For the sake of tomorrow, do not stop dreaming, do not stop walking the path.

Be guided by what you want to achieve and not what you are unable to achieve at the moment.

Keep dreaming.

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