Nigerian Celebrity Timi Dakolo And Fatherhood


Nigerian is that that remains an oddity. This fact is obvious in his everyday life.

An average Bayelsan is a womanizer or to put it more directly, an Ijaw Man is a terrible woman lover.

They just want it all.

And with this urge comes the consequences of broken homes, family disputes and oftentimes paternal hate.


But then you see Timi Dakolo carving his own path from the ancient womanizing route of his ancestors.

And as a Bayelsan it serves as a reminder that we are all not as the majority of our ijaw brothers.

A fact the Celebrity Timi Dakolo is demonstrating with every moment and photographs.

A true father who understands the role of fatherhood and plays with the expectancy of tomorrow’s necessity lurking in his mind.


Sometimes I think the life of Nigerian Celebrity Timi Dakolo might be a fictitious fairytale. It feels to sweet to be real but then it is.

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