Nigerian Celebrity TY Bello And A Place Of Her Own

Nigerian Celebrity

Nigerian Celebrity
not your average talent. She is in a class inhabited by a “great” few.

She is, if I am permitted “THE Art’s”, one from which emanates a ray of deep expressions that is almost ancient and timeless.

Ty Bello as a Nigerian has played her part in the music industry and her musical themes are almost spiritual.

One can remember that chant “The Land Is Green” and at the same time be internally informed that it surpasses the themes of nudity and drugs that are now paving way into the Nigerian Celebrity circle and ultimately their expressions.

She is that excluded from the madness and insanity that comes from being famous and a Nigerian Celebrity in these times.

But for her music has been laid to rest for now and photography has taken main stage. And who captures it like her?..Just few!

She is natural, a beauty that shuns artificiality and in her looks, it is to be found.

An Afro Nigerian Celebrity is what Ty Bello truly is.

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