Nigerian Celebrity: Waje And That Not So Sexy Waistline + Is Timaya The Most Stylish Among Nigerian Celebrities?

Nigerian Celebrity

Nigerian Celebrity: Waje And That Not So Sexy Waistline


Nigerian Waje loved for many reasons, from her personality, voice and then to her very big boobs.

In essence she is a beautiful lady.

But then to every beauty there is a flaw, a reminder that we are all not perfect. Sometimes this imperfections could be as a result of bad choices

And that dress on Waje was a bad choice. A dress that displayed a bad waistline and nothing more.

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As a Nigerian Celebrity she should know better because fashion statements is part of what makes a Nigerian Celebrity the center of attraction before admirers.

Since we can not all be beautiful in every existing moment, I think this bad choice on the part of Waje can be overlooked.

But that does not mean that we shall forget that the Nigerian Celebrity once wore a red dress that brought out the truth of a bad waistline and nothing more.

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Nigerian Celebrity: Is The Most Stylish Among Nigerian Celebrities?


Timaya is stylish.. Yes!
Timaya is handsome…yes!!
Timaya got swag…yes!!!
But is Timaya the final point of these qualities in the Nigerian Celebrity circle….Definitely not!

One must remove handsome from the list of comparisons because Lawd! We have a mighty list of handsome Nigerian Celebrities.

But in the field of style and swag, Timaya is there on the pyramids. His style is soft and his swag is almost intellectually regal.

He is one Nigerian Celebrity that adorns every moment with a style and Pampers every style with a swag.

A Nigerian Celebrity that would have come across easily as a model but then who doesn’t know that Timaya is the Egberi Papa of Bayelsa state and a dance hall king even in its strict ramifications?

Back to the question, is Timaya the most stylish among Nigerian Celebrities?

For me it is a yes!

Every picture of Timaya on Social Medias is a fashion statement begging to be judged. And for this I believe and I concur that Timaya is The most stylish among Nigerian Celebrities in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Or don’t you agree?

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