Nigerian Celebrity: WizKid Toilet Pose

wizkid toilet pose

Nigerian is proving with every new antics that he is that prodigal kid with little love for convention.

There are of course different poses that like Flavour and Iyanya has displayed over the years that actually borders on nudity.

But this one from WizKid sitting on a toilet seat is the worst from a Celebrity .

There is nothing sexy or appealing looking at his buttocks casted upon the throne of shit. WizKid toilet pose is somewhat debasing. Who told him to take such a pose in the first place.

The Nigerian Celebrity actually took that pose for Fab Magazine and it is the cover for their latest edition.

Who knows maybe someone might follow his lead and start taking selfies in that WizKid toilet pose, disturbing our social media peace of mind.


That this so called “WizKid toilet pose” becomes a trend and both babes and dudes falling under the influence of a celebrity starts taking toilet selfies.

Now that would be a disaster.