Nigerian Celebrity: Yemi Alade And The Source Of Her Thickness

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Yemi Alade can simply pass as that one entertainer that carries a bit of this and a bit of that, a condition that makes her a part of the various music genres in the music industry.

My concern however is not with her voice, skills or whether she now goes with the appellation MAMA .

My concern lies with her body, that ebony thickness that is there and the latent potential of a well rounded figure if she permits it.

No man is an island they say, thus no can flaunt what her mum did not give her. Yes! borrows her thickness from her mum. That real MAMA AFRICA.

In this case gratitude should go to Yemi Alade’s mum for bringing into our world, a Strong Black Nigerian woman. With not just a voice but also a body to die for.

She try.



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