Nigerian Celebrity: Yemi Alade Needs Your Vote + Happy Birthday To Nigerian Celebrity Susan Peters

Nigerian Celebrity

Nigerian Celebrity: Needs Your Vote

We all heard of the BET Awards nomination that went to two , in the persons of WizKid and Yemi Alade.

Now, WizKid does not share the same celebrity standings with Yemi Alade, he is up there and with that level comes a larger Fan base.

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Little wonder we are yet to see him ask for votes but Yemi Alade is and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. She is a that needs votes and its up to you to kick start the avalanche of votes that would make her the Nigerian Celebrity to bring home the Award.

So vote now!

Not just for Yemi Alade but also for WizKid.

Nigerian Celebrity: Happy Birthday To Nigerian Celebrity Susan Peters


Nigerian Celebrity Susan Peters is not your average Nollywood actress but one of the old timers that saw the rising of the industry.

Today is her birthday and birthday wishes are flooding like a Tsunami on Instagram for her sake. From all the names you know in the Nigerian , comes the steady appellation “Aunty Susan”.

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Anyways Nigerians on social medias are like eagles on an hunt and her dress has caught the attention of some.

And the question they are now asking is:
“If Aunty Susan still wears such outfits, what would her kids wear”

Hmmmm. Being a Nigerian Celebrity was never meant to be easy sha!

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