Nigerian Celebrity Yvonne Jegede Thoughts On Marriage


Nigerian Thoughts On is not as modern as you would have expected.

That’s if you are among the many new Nigerians going after the Western model of man and woman relationship in which the woman is equal to the man.

For Yvonne Jegede, such a relationship is best left with some conservative touch in which the man is left with some veto power.


Ladies today in Nigeria, go into marriage with a mind expectant of chaos. Expectant in the sense that their mindset is the type that would definitely break rather than make marriage work.

Here in the man is always considered the head, whether or not he brings enough food to the table.

And so it would remain for a very long time and that not even the wild wind of feminism can quench.

It is good to see Nigerian Celebrity Yvonne Jegede make her points even though not directly.

Points that Nigerian Ladies need to put into consideration.

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