Nigerian Celebrity


Nigerian as a term goes beyond just a keyword on the play sheet of a blogger’s SEO ranking ambition.

It a description of a class of people. People from a certain class and a makeup of a particular social strata with influence and power.

The class is made up of entertainers, popular faces on our television screen and by no means include the politicians we see on NTA.

A true Celebrity remains one no matter the situation tomorrow. Whether he or she falls from that top or not.

When such a person is seen, they are always considered through the eyes of awe and worship. Its like a thing of royal, ones you are Into it, you can’t denounce the affiliation.

And this is where a lot of Nigerian Blogs get it wrong. You often times see them refer to a politician or pastor as a Nigerian Celebrity.

Very wrong label for those class of people.

An artist, a comedian, a film maker or people of talent who are not known and revered by at least 80% of the Nigerian populace must not fall under the term a ‘Nigerian Celebrity’.

Most of them would fade faster than a fake T-shirt soaked in detergent, some forgotten never to be remembered.

Nigerian Celebrity as a term should refer to those who have succeeded in overcoming the possibility of ever becoming obsolete.

And even among this supposed class of qualified Nigerian Celebrity are further gradation, with some more qualified than others.

But then they can be a Nigerian Celebrity for a moment. Those talent that shine but then falters along the way not because of their fault but something beyond them.

I think those who don’t truly deserve to be labelled Nigerian Celebrity are the politicians and Religious leaders.

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