Nigerian Entertainment News: Cassie Gifts P Diddy A 24k Gold Ash Tray + A Pregnant Blac Chyna Looking Stunning

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Nigerian Entertainment News: Cassie Gifts A 24k Gold Ash Tray


P Diddy is Boss, no doubt. And Cassie knows exactly how to lay emphasis on that. The beauty on her own instincts had brought a 24k gold ash tray.

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For P Diddy and the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour and P Diddy Seem Grateful for it.

Personally that’s an aesthetic piece and as a smoker, that would be a welcome gift any day or time.

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Big up to all those ladies out there making their man feel good with their little gestures of concern.

Nigerian Entertainment News: A Pregnant Looking Stunning


Rob Kardashian is a lucky man and I mean it by consideration of sex appeal on the part of his woman Blac Chyna.

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She is as pregnant as a Buffalo at the moment but surprisingly still carries her self in that sexy ways that got her the attention of fans all over.

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Those cleavage  and boobs are no jokes and truthfully even as pregnant woman she is still to most men a sexual object that would get the magic stick without thinking twice.

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