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Entertainment News: Looking Different But Not In A Bad Way


R Kelly is currently in Chicago at the moment, where he has decided to relax and enjoy himself before getting The Buffet Tour back on the road.
Been a while have seen him, thus I was a bit surprise to actually see him like this. Definitely the pied piper of RnB.

Entertainment News: The One Person Was Excited To Meet At The


Celine Dion was that one person Ludacris was so excited to meet at the Billboards Awards, which himself and Hosted.
Its good to see Celine managing herself pretty well after loosing her husband months back.

Entertainment News: Both Captain America And Iron Aid Visit To Boy Suffering From Cancer


Both Iron Man and Captain America carried their empowering presence from the movie and with it visited a boy suffering from cancer.
Obviously it was a dream come through, to see his TV heroes in flesh.

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