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Entertainment News: The main list of winners at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards

Top Artist: Adele
Top Hot 100 Artist: The Weeknd
Top Male Artist: Justin Bieber
Top Female Artist: Adele
Top New Artist: Fetty Wap
Top Duo/Group: One Direction
Top Song Sales Artist: The Weeknd
Top Radio Songs Artist: The Weeknd
Top Streaming Songs Artist: The Weeknd
Top Social Media Artist: Justin Bieber
Top Touring Artist: Taylor Swift
Top R&B Artist: The Weeknd
Top Rap Artist: Drake
Top Country Artist: Luke Bryan
Top Rock Artist: twenty one pilots
Top R&B Album: The Weeknd, Beauty Behind the Madness
Top Rap Album: Meek Mill, Dreams Worth More Than Money
Top Country Album: Chris Stapleton, Traveller
Top Rock Album: twenty one pilots, Blurryface
Top 200 Artist: Adele
Top Billboard 200 Album: Adele, 25
Top Hot 100 Song: Wiz Khalifa, See You Again featuring Charlie Puth
Top Country Song: Thomas Rhett, Die A Happy Man
Top R&B Song: The Weeknd, The Hills
Top Rap Song: Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth, See You Again
Top Rock Song: Walk the Moon, Shut Up And Dance
Top Selling Song: Adele, Hello
Top Radio Song: Walk the Moon, Shut Up and Dance
Top Streaming Song (Audio): The Weeknd, The Hills
Billboard Chart Achievement Award: Rihanna
Billboard Millennium Award: Britney Spears
Billboard Icon Award: Celine Dion

Entertainment News: Wants Her Ass Reduced

“I want to lose my bum, not all the way but it’s weird how your body changes with different babies,” she told the audience yesterday at London’s Vogue Festival.

Now what does Kanye have to say about this.

Entertainment News: Diane Oputa Speaks On Charly Boy’s 7 Kids Outside Marriage, And Other Stuffs

In the beginning it was the women, my gosh! Women everywhere. Charles is a charmer. He had 7kids from his away matches and the women he married that didn’t work out, before we got married. His stubbornness was sometimes obnoxious. During his hay days as a performer, his acts were sometimes so overboard that I will refuse doing his background vocals and we always argued/quarreled about that. But as the years rolled by I found ways of calming him down, and curing my high blood pressure. I later found out that the women were more for his hypes and pons, like the charly’s virgins. One thing I knew from the beginning was that my husband always wanted to be a family man, after all he grew up seeing both parents together for sixty something years before papa passed on. Much later the women thing totally fizzled out. In the beginning I wasn’t too sure deal with all his children from deferent women, but trust charles he knows how to put his family together. That’s how I overnight became a mother of 9 children plus my last three. The only thing that he still does that pisses me off till tomorrow is his silence, when he is angry about something. He will lock himself in his room and may not talk to me for days. I can’t deal with that because we talk all the time our communication is on point. He always says he doesn’t want to say the wrong things when he is angry. Otherwise, Charles is the best thing to happen to me and I thank God for that.

Entertainment News: Juliet Ibrahim Displays Her Respect And Affection For Pete Edochie


Most of us would rather call me him Okonkwo than call him Pete Edochie, for his icon role played in Things Fall Apart.
He is loved by many and is among the many and has this to say.

“Priceless moments #teampisces a man I’ll always adore and appreciate

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