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Nigerian Entertainment: Throwback Picture Of And Fred Amata


Like every one else do have their own past. And theirs make more sense when we look at their past images and the present. Its like seeing how far they have come in life.

Entertainment News: Comedian AY And His Wife From Before Fame Came Knocking


Like AY once said”no one is born ugly, just poor”. This picture of their past was when poverty was very evident in their lives. But now with the fame and class, look at how beautiful they have become.

Entertainment News: So Is A Kungfu Apprentice?


The handsome face and body it seems has many sides, little wonder he has a stunning physique that the ladies won’t stop pinning for.

Entertainment News: Timaya And Friends In A Group Selfie


Timaya Sha..Looking like some goon!

Entertainment News: kalu Ikeagwu And That Tortoise of Great Size


Cannot remember the actual place he took this picture but it was one of those nature’s park in Lagos. While other might not see the beauty in this Kalu certainly does.

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