Nigerian Female Celebrities Hairstyles

Nigerian Female Celebrities Hairstyles

Nigerian female celebrities hairstyles carries a changing face or should I say, is affected by different phases.

In fact their hairstyles are trends setters.

We have seen in the past turn youths into copycats.

But in this post we are interested in those patterns that are now part and parcel of these .


Chidima natural look makes her my favorite among the hairstyles list.

No attachments to her head and yet she looks alluring. She is the Afro Diva no1 in the Nigerian Entertainment industry.


Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade is another celebrity that carries an appealing hair signature.


Now this is her true signature, she may play with other hairstyles but she always return back to this hairdo.


Cynthia Morgan
This one is the most sexy of them all. In fact she is sex. And even her hair has a sexual appeal.

That color has become her trademark. No matter what hairstyle she does, that color still remains.


Waje also alternates between different hairdo but always returns to what you now see, that patch on the side.

Yes! The patch on the side is her trademark. Even when she changes the hairstyle, she most times keeps the side patch.


Eva is the queen of Mohawks when you talk about Nigerian female celebrities hairstyles.

It is hard to talk about Eva with referring to her Mohawk.

Intact she is nothing without her Mohawk.

So personally who do you think carries the best hairdo among these Nigerian female celebrities hairstyles?

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