Nigerian Homosexual Pastors


Nigerian Pastors

Nigerian are a strange phenomena. You might think it is about the supposed catholic priests but the Pentecostal pastors are now in the sexual race.

My first awareness about Homosexual came about during a burial ceremony in my hometown.

In fact my dads burial ceremony.

It was a massive burial that brought the traditional and the church together on one date.

While the traditional ceremony was going on on another area, the church was also nearby doing their part.

That night due to the large number of people, where to sleep became an issue and that was when my cousin had to share a room with one of the pastors that came for the burial.

According to him:
“I felt hands all over my lap” at which point he woke up, looked around and beside him was the feigning sleep.

He closed his eyes and not long after, the touching was renewed but this time he grabbed the hands of the pastor, who immediately began to beg.

My cousin out of fear for becoming a victim of homosexual rape, left the room that night.

Nigerian Homosexual Pastors are your average every day pastors covered with that righteous air and judgemental attitude.

You think you know them until you share a night with them and your anus becomes threatened by their perverted taste.

But what I don’t understand is this, why continue as a pastor when the office frowns against such moral decay.

The bible hates homosexuality but homosexuals are gradually taking over the church and this is a huge problem.

Personally I think such Nigerian Homosexual Pastors should just leave the office rather than throw dirt on the face of the sacred office.

Nigerian Homosexual Pastors are deceptive, they want the anus more than anything else and in time of desperation “THEY WILL RAPE YOU”.

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