Nigerian Music And The Role It Must Play In These Times

Nigerian music

Nigerian at most a caricature of its self. A misrepresentation of what purpose it must represent. A lie on the lips of those who call themselves its ambassadors.

Music in Nigeria has became a beacon for the absurd and glorification of illusions and material decay. There is now no purpose to it.
It has failed itself and must be resuscitated before it is drowned forever.

To say Music has lost its purpose is a bold statement but one that is backed by . Hard facts that won’t lie even if bribed. Facts that points fingers at artistes such as the bunch coming out from the slum of Ajegunle.

There is a pattern to their music and it is a disgrace to what is good music but not all of them are guilty, for they are some like African China who had one time chanted about the ills of the Nigerian society.

“Our Government Bad o! Dem No Wan Give Us Jab o! My Lawd o! If The Ghetto Man No Get Jab, Na How Him Go Take Survive o!?”

As a lyric mixed in sound that above lines could be heard forcing itself out, through loud speakers in Ajegunle and ghetto kids like us knew better as to always nod our heads in affirmation.

Yes! That is the purpose Nigerian music must play. The role of counting and addressing the decay in the Nigerian society. That decay no Nigerian is free from no matter the personal redemption.

2face Idibia has proved himself a prophet on this path as every album comes with songs dedicated to issues that are both economical and philosophical and at the same time personal to the Nigerian story.

But that is not the case with a lot of Nigerian musicians who thinks the Nigerian music should be all about whores, weed and liquor.

In not too distant past, Eedris Aldukareem had tried addressing this issue of decay and it was this motive that inspired the song “Nigeria Jaga Jaga, Everywhere Scatter Scatter”.

A painful and shameful truth that still resonates even till this time. Nothing has changed, all else are getting worse and in the midst of all this sits the Nigerian music using it’s influence to wrongful ends.

When it comes to Nigerian music and the purpose of addressing the wrongs of and in the Nigerian society, there is one that stands supreme.

The Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

He was blunt, he was direct and above all he was unapologetic. He spoke for the masses what they could not talk about in public. He woke the consciousness of the people to the oppression of government and laws.

In his hands Nigerian Music was a tool through which the people could be informed, through which the discontent of the people could get to those in office without barricades.

Through his mouth Nigerian music became a force for , the prophet to chastise corrupt leaders and wash their public linens before public scrutiny.

In the mouth of Fela Nigerian Music succeeded in reaching the apex of its existence.

Look at Nigerian Artists today and the kind of music they spew on daily basis and you would realize its failure.

Nigerian Music must find its purpose again and like in the days of Fela, become a social tool for change and not just merriment. It must be made to convey truths and not just erotic fancies.

Address societal issues instead of dance steps and exotic attires. Until this purpose is united with Nigerian music, only garbage would continue to express itself through our loudspeakers.