Nigerian Singer Chidinma and Her Face of Innocence


By Felix Brambaifa
It was just some minutes past midnight and with sleep eluding my vigilant eyes, I decided to visit instagram and there she was with her large eyes staring at me through that pic,which she had captioned “Good Morning”.
is a story of both grace and talent but when a proper look is fixated on her person one begins to get a glimpse of innocence which I believe is the core image of the “Chidinma”.


Chidinma spots an innocent look that is both simple and elegant at the same time. One would have thought that the singer now deep in an with enough bad influence would have abandoned her simplicity for the sensual carriage transmitted through excessive body display but this she has cautiously avoided.


With her simple looks Chidinma has been able to prove that a female Singer could actually play music and be famous for it without too much sexual emphasis. Chidinma for me is what she is primarily not because of her obvious musical talent but because of her innocent looks.


Remove the innocent looks and Chidinma becomes like the many ordinary acts but with her innocent and simple looks untouched, she would remain remarkably ORIGINAL.

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