Nigerian Women And Orphans


Nigerian And Orphans

There are as many orphans as they are many  in this country.

They both need each other to fill whole. A time comes when a woman desires nothing but a child and then for a , there comes a time when mum is no longer there.

And the need to get one becomes an almost impossible dream.

This post is about those orphans out there who are now victims because of the absence of their real parenthood.

Who now cry on a daily because of an aunt or any such females in their life that would love nothing more but to manhandle them for every little mistakes.

And also for those ones punished with hunger. Kept under the torment of hunger pangs with no remedy in sight for them.

To you we say sorry!

And to these women we say, learn to be human.

Ease these loads of burden from the backs of these lonely ones.

Show them the love they lost until they see in you the promise of a greater love.

What goes up must come down. What we sow is what we shall all reap.

How you treat a Child today is how your child would be treated tomorrow.

Bring out the best in them and not the worse.

Show them the road towards healing instead of speeding them on the path to trauma.

Show them that Nigerian women can show compassion.

By doing all this you tap into the universe for a reward

By doing this you make Nigeria and the world a better place.

Treat an orphan right today.

And the universe would remember you for it.

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