Nigerian Women: The Truth About Nigerian Women


Nigerian Women: The Truth About Women

Nigerian are a lovely punch with a heart full of love and a mind willing to explore.

Nigerian women are not in their majority naive, they are aware of the environment.

They see, they hear and they are eager to participate in their surrounding circumstances.

And that where the core of a lot of are forged.

And it is from this core that their desire to get answers emanates from.

In other words Nigerian Women wants answers to their questions.

And I tell you the questions are many and direct.

This desire to get answers is becoming the reason behind the springing up of many feminist movement.

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A movement that says Nigerian Women can no longer be taken for granted.

A movement calling for equal rights between Nigerian Women and their male counterparts.

The average “Nigerian Women” you meet in a day to day settings wants to be heard, they no longer want to play at the background of things.

They are respectful, but when snubbed this supposed respect falls off like the skin from the body of a serpent.

Little wonder why more and more Nigerian Women are going into politics. They want power!

Simply because they fear to be powerless and be left to the whim and caprice of wicked men.

So if you are looking for a woman you can make a slave then Nigerian women might not fit into your scheme.

With every passing day, the minds of Nigerian women are getting more and more liberated and that is just the truth.

To cut the long story short, the truth about Nigerian Women is that they want to be heard, to be in charge of their lives and above all would fight back when pushed to the wall.

So there you have it, the truth about my Nigerian women.

The truth being that they do not like to be caged. They are becoming more and more receptive to the ideas of female rights.

But then it is not at all a bad thing to have a woman stay in charge in areas that she has capabilities to handle.

But before you freak out, be informed that they are also submissive Nigerian Women out there.

Despite the need to be in charge, when respected and treated right even the most aggressive Nigerian Feminist can be tamed.

In this part of the world, the need to be heard does not always come fron within the confines of lesbian rights.

These women are not asking for rights just so they can be powerful and liberated lesbians.

No sir!

They love men and would want to submit to them but first that man must show respect and  prove that ” I will not use your submissiveness against you”.

So when next you go on the hunt for Nigerian Women, be guided with what you have learnt in this post.


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