OAP Daddy Freeze Goes Down Memory Lane


OAP Goes Down Memory Lane

I decided to make this because there are  others out there, ignorant of Daddy Freeze history.

I for one was ignorant about his Romania past, until today.

Thus this post.

@daddyfreeze  –  #ThrowbackThursday #TBT to the left a pic of me in my vintage sports car at 2 years. The other pic shows my late grand mother carrying me after a nap! The thing about this pic is that my grandmother’s grandmother was still alive when this pic was taken. I lived with my great, great grandmother until her in 1979, her daughter, my great grandmother, lived well into the 1990s and we often stayed at her house in Cluj Napoca anytime we visited Romania. Her grand daughter however, which happens to be my grandmother, the lady in this pic, died in 1984! #BeautifulMemories! –

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