Okra Home Remedy For Weak Erection


Okra Natural For Weak Erection

There are 6 home remedies for that you just have to check out, that has much to do with your lifestyle. Work on these life styles and you would get your erection back.

This particular post however goes beyond the life styles affecting your but dwells on a natural supplement that can get weak erection out of the way.

Okra For Weak Erection

The natural home remedy for weak erection is .

In Nigeria okra or okro is used for the purpose of penis health, in the area of a stiff erection and an increase in sperm count.

It is filled with vitamins and zinc which is good for penis health.

# To get this benefit all you have to do:
* Get an handful of fresh okra, then slice them.
* Get a cup or 1/2 cup of dry okra seed.
* Put both of them into a plastic bottle, then add a bottle of soda or tonic .
* Allow the mixture to ferment for two days
* After the fermentation, take two shot twice a day.

Another way to use okra as a natural home remedy for weak erection.

# You can also just put sliced okras in water for some hours or over night.

Stir the mixture well and then strain the okra. Drink the okra juice.

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