Olu Maintain, His Life And Music In Recent Times

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Olu Maintain although not as musically vocal like the past one Nigerian that has sort of made his mark in the music scene. With songs like Yahooze and Nawti, is definitely a name worth remembering.

I was shocked to discover he had actually released the remix of Nawti in which both Seyi Shey and was featured. How did that happen without me even noticing. Hmmm!

Musically vocal or not he still carries the street cred, and as the picture shows, he would always be respected by the streets.

In the streets the reality of life hards existence is more real than in the movies and it is here that Nigerian musicians get their loyal fan base from and Olu who is not ignorant of this reality every now and then make attempts to identify with these ghetto breeds. And that’s what the above pic is all about.


About fans seeing their favorite Nigerian celeb on the streets, running up to them and like Maintain, that Nigerian celeb knows better and must immediately identify. For in the streets loyalty is the chief thing.


Quite frankly life for Olu Maintain cannot be expected to be different from those of other Nigerian celebs simply because he is no longer fully on the front pages of the Nigerian Music space.

Nah! That’s very far from the truth.

Apart from living good and hitting up with peeps in the streets, he is a lover of good times and pleasurable moments and as such a good drink can only remain good when taken in the company of good friends. So for him having a good time with friends around him is the standard worth the while.

After all he is the “Yahooze” crooner.

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