Onion Home Remedy For Weak Erection

Onion Home Remedy For Weak Erection

Onion For

A lot of people do not like the smell of an onion and so does a lot of people to the smell of truth.

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Onion another natural home remedy just like the Okra Home Remedy for weak Erection that does wonders for a man’s sexual health.

So let’s just cut to the chase.

White Onions For Weak Erection

Onions juice is all you need and in this case, white juice mixed with can help your manhood regain its vigour.

Grind and extract the juice, then mix with honey. Take two spoonful three times a day and let us know what you discovered for yourself by commenting below.

Still on onions.

There are reports from people who have tried it before, that adding onions to one’s daily eating plan is a sure way to a strong penis Erection.

Personally I have been chewing on onions for years now and has seen that benefit and can say YES! It works!

I know the smell is a no no for some people but the odor is a small price to pay.

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