Oritse Femi And His Unusual Past Time


It seems nobody wants to go from one place to the other, just with their legs anymore. it seems is one of such people.

The ghetto breed. Yes! That is what I call Oritse Femi on a normal day. Forget about the achieved opulence and fame. A ghetto breed is still what guys like Oritse Femi in the industry would remain.

Ghetto breed, because ghetto is what made them, their talents and hope was forged in the ghetto and that’s a special thing.

Some times we do ask ourselves: “what do celebs do for fun apart from the usual drinking, fornicating etc.

Well it seems for Oritse Femi,  being suspended from the actual surface of the earth by his little toy is the favorite past time fun.


And with his leading the way, doesn’t Oritse Femi look like someone sliding through the ice tracks of Europe?

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