Parents, Their Kids and The Issue of Sex

By Felix Brambaifa
To be a parent the greatest and most difficult job ever. To guide a and then to guard that child is no easy task but one which must be carried out nonetheless. In today’s society where is everywhere and everything, it is quite difficult shielding a child from the existence of sex, because no matter where you look, there is always a sign, an act or comment suggestive of sex.
There are benefits of sex but these benefits should never be allowed into the province of a child because evidently sex is not a child’s play or a play for a child not of age. 

Despite this knowledge of restriction, sex still filters into the lives of kids, opening another new dimension from which there is no escape. Sadly this outcome is engineered from parents and guardians themselves, whose own sex lives operates an open curtain instead of a close one.

I once stumbled upon a male child of 11 going through his mum’s phone and coming in contact with porn (sex) movies, his focus was genuine and his interest was quite obvious. Although caught in the act itself, that child I hear still went on in secrecy indulging in his new discovery. And has been caught several times since then, not just watching porn but also trying to reenact those sex scenes with his age and even those under.

Most parents and guardians are so free with the way they act in front of their kids, some with their lust burning hot and only sex in mind, had engaged in sex in places where their kids  unknown to them had privately satisfied their curiosity first hand.

Once introduced to sex, these kids would by their own means improve on their new found knowledge and with sex comes the distractions from both emotional and physical sources.
It is thus imperative that parents and guardians desist from having sex where their kids might come dashing upon them. End the storage of sex movies anywhere within the reach of their kids.

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