Peter Filak The Man Who Hasn’t Drank Water or Any Liquid Since 2012

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Felix Brambaifa
I never had thought it possible that any person can live without . It was a feat I never thought anyone would dare embark on. But it seems my perception was flawed as now claims he actually drank liquid for the last time in May 2012. How strange!
According to the former registered nurse he now relies on fruit and vegetable for his nutritional and hydration needs.

  “Especially as I went into a raw fruit and vegetable diet, I’d be waking up two to three times a night to pee. So it just didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t understand why I had to be drinking all that water,” Filak wrote on his website, More Apples a Day .


“Even when you’re filtering water, you’re taking out one chemical and putting in another …[especially] the filtered water where chlorine and fluoride and all those other happy things are added to it,” he explains. 

According to what he told VICE the desire to lead this sought of had started as early as when he was a little boy and then in third grade he decided he would abstain from alcohol and drugs, a launching pad to becoming a Vegan Eventually. A lifestyle his parents were sorely against.

“The general consensus was that I was being a moron,” he said. “I’ve always had revelations with my parents. When I told them I was a vegan, my mom was crying, my dad was upset, they said I was OCD, and that there was something seriously wrong with me.”

The life objective of Peter Filak to live life up to 150 and he believes, a water free life would aid him in this quest. As to how his lifestyle might  affect others, he has this to say:

“I always tell people, ‘see for yourself.’ I was very cynical for a while, calling everyone a moron. I embraced what made sense and what was obvious to me. I’ve come to understand i can’t force my perspective on others. I’d rather people educate themselves,” he said.

A life without water is unimaginable but here we have Peter Filak actually stating that he has not drank water or any liquid since may 2012, which means you can achieve same that’s if you feel living life without drinking water is a necessary means to long life.

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