Entertainment News: Queen Latifah And Her Sick Mum Rita Owens


Entertainment News
surrounding Queen Latifah over the years has been about her fame, progress and even her sexuality.

But the truth , most people never get to know the dark patches in the lives of their favorite celebrities. They just assume that all is golden.


The VH1 Dear Mama event is undoubtedly a celebrity cum entertainment moment and thus had to bring her mum.

And then it was made clear for all to see and for does who didn’t know, to know. That even for Queen Latifah not every chapter in her life is entertaining.

Her mum has been living with Heart Failure for over ten years. Can you imagine the struggle and pains Queen Latifah would have had to endure all these Years while suffering in the inside and acting movies for our on the outside with smiles.

Anyways Rita Owens is doing better now with a combo of good diet, medicine and exercise


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