Religion And The Nigerian Fanatics

Gossip Chef

Here in , fanaticism is the one word that can best describe a lot of people. For them is the only way out of the numerous hardships plaguing their lives as Nigerians.

When one takes a proper look at the and their sickening with religion, it becomes quite obvious that the saying “religion the opiate of the people’ is no joke.

It is possible to see a wicked as the wits of Sherlock the merchant become ridiculously generous once inside the premise of a religious institution. That same Nigerian who had never once saw fit the need to help an hungry and dying neighbour.

Simply put the religious folks in Nigeria are hypocrites (not all of them but the majority). They go to their religious place of worship, do the usual rites but once outside that confines, it becomes hard to differentiate them from the crooks and villains that hates the progress of other men.

This Nigerians like the picture above are only a mile closer to the abyss than they think. Because truthfully going to a religious ground on constant basis is no guaranty of making heaven.

From this writeup, I intend to point out certain religious hypocrisy and blindness that has become the face of the many Nigerians who rather follow Religion instead of God.

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