Sam Smith A Gay Not Fully Known

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Felix Brambaifa

You look into the world today and sexual rights you would find on international priority list, with more and more popping out from no where. The picture above was posted by on his page with the following caption.


I actually laughed when I saw the picture and wondered if Sam Smith was that eager to become a gay elderly in the community with a look that……
Then a follower who didn’t know about Sam Smith gay preference or rather nature asked the most ignorant question. Check it below.


It amazing what Instagram has become. People follow people but are just ignorant of those basic details that define those people.
Sam Smith is a gay and has been open about it for as long as I know.

So for those.of you out there, take your time to at least know the basic details of the celebrities you follow on social media and for those just hearing it for the first time, Yes! Sam Smith is a Gay.

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