Samuel ETo As A Child

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Samuel ETo As A

Samuel ETo As A Child does actually look like what adulthood now portrays. The one attribute that quite pronounced is the slender frame.

But is it not almost the same for kids that age?

Another attribute that has followed Samuel Eto into adulthood is that FACE.

The face is the exact copy, the resemblance is noticeable in seconds.

Would anyone had thought that as a child would one day up to become a football icon not just in Africa but in the whole football worlds?

I doubt it!

But here he is and the one obvious message is “if Samuel Eto as a child growing up in uncertainty would one day grow up to be a great footballer then any african child can actually make it in this world”

Just imagine that Samuel Eto as a child growing up in , in the same lack that characterises the Lives of Cameroonians and Africans at large.

Then you would appreciate his journey to greatness, to his current height as a famous human being.

Maybe Samuel Eto as a child always knew  and believed the greatness within him.

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