Sex Facts


By Felix Brambaifa

According to medical reports it proclaimed that an active is a condition for an increase in libido, which means in simple calculation..
Lots of sex= better sex.

It would seem from this medical fact that sex is not just sex but also a process of exercise, from which like body trainers our sex organs become quite endowed with stamina and the burning Desire to express this stamina through more sex. So in conclusion if you would want to become some kind of sexual Sylvester Stallone then get more of more sex.

For , lots of sex encourages virginal elasticity, blood flow and lubrication which in its entirety makes sexual intercourse feels better and enhances the cravings for sex, so what are you waiting for? Go get some.
Sexual activities in women improves bladder control which eliminates incontinence, a situation that 30% of women would one point in their lives experience. Thus having a good sex regime is a must act which can strengthen the pelvic floor through series of contractions at that special moments of organism.

So ladies please aim for the organism, don’t settle for half way sex trips, if he can’t keep the fire blazing till you are there then by all means please do call my number (kidding).

Now who would have thought that sex perpetuates life, especially amidst the various religious slime constantly poured upon the sexual arts but it seems that after all that during the orgasmic phase of sex we release a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone which improves immunity, repairs tissue and keeps the skin healthy. It is believed that for men who engage in sex and consequently experience organisms even twice a week, live longer than men who indulge less or even once a week.

Sex is also known as a precursor to a better sleep circle which is imminent due to the relaxation that comes after a well rehearsed sex.

During sex the heart rate increases and this in turn actuates a fresh supply of blood been supplied to the organs and cells that makes up our body, expelling toxins on its wake.

It is sometimes a conflicting outcome when we relate sex and sperm count but it seems that according to several studies frequent sex leads to an higher sperm count and a lot of that being healthy ones when compared to men celibate or infrequent in sex combat. Now this benefit goes both ways, as we have seen first for the males and secondly for the females for whom it has been discovered that intake of sperm helps them combat depression, boost energy and helps with a smoother delivery process when pregnant.

I am and will always be a fan to the natural over the artificial, for those still ignorant, sex is undoubtedly a pain killer better than what the chemist can offer, at least it is so to my own reckoning.

During sex we release the chemical oxytocin which increases endorphins and decreases pains, especially those nagging headaches. Sex due to these chemicals can actually accelerate the healing of wounds, even the diabetic kinds.

So next time when headaches become the disturbance why not ask for a fast ride through the route sex and have those headaches sated with calm bliss.

Now a lot of would do anything from rigorous discipline of starving themselves to the expensive gimmicks of those slim fast quick brands in order to look and stay petite.

But maybe a little more time in the sex department would actually make manifestation of this body dream.

We burn 170 calories per hour of complete active sex. Now do the math yourself.

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