Unwanted Pregnancy a Sex Fact.



There in this world a lot of suffering. A lot of victims fell into that abyss not because they wanted hardship but because they were ill informed.

Teenagers are the worst victims when it comes to lack of knowledge or ignorance. A lot of are aware of the that kills through the transmission of sexual diseases but to some who experience has taught harsh lessons already, they know that there is another sex fact ” sex can bring unwanted pregnancy”.

A lot of teenagers are in a hurry and when it is about sex, it is even worse, as their hormones taking charge gives little heed to reason.

Unprotected sex does not only lead to sexually transmitted diseases but also leads to unwanted teenage pregnancy which in most societies comes with a terrible stigma and scorn.

Unwanted pregnancy as a sex fact is a serious matter because for the victims becomes a drama of hardship and pains.

For instance teenagers who ignore the sex fact of unwanted pregnancy, end up loosing out in a lot of fronts, such as their education.

Females who end up with unwanted pregnancy eventually drops out of school, which in turn affects their dreams and future aspirations.

Victims of unwanted teenage pregnancy also end up as single mothers. The fathers of the babies don’t stay behind, a lot of them deny ownership.

Leaving the teenage mother’s to a life of unnecessary suffering. Cases of failed abortion has also been reported in a lot of countries. Where the attempt to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy turned into serious medical condition and in worse scenarios,  DEATH!

Teenagers out there should please carry with them two important sex facts:
(1) Sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy.
(2) Sex can lead to the transmission of deadly sexual diseases.
(3) Use a condom always.

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