Sexually Transmitted disease, a Sex Fact.

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Felix Brambaifa
A teeming number of out there are so hungry to become adults too quick that they sometimes ignore that core can kill”. The only sex fact that obviously carried around is the notion of sex being the most pleasurable human experience that is both legal and divine. So everyone of them is eager to indulge, ignorant of what danger their ignorance can land them.
Sex is a fundamental aspect of human life, one from which we are condemned to, like the hedonist would say ” pleasure is the only chief good” and this all men must fight through any possible means to acquire.
It is a sex fact that even at a very young age, kids are confronted with the desire ignited by the sight of the opposite sex. At this early stage it becomes imprinted in their minds and an aim it becomes eventually. We have a lot of kids out there with the knowledge of sex but lack the proper sex facts to guide them on that journey, this is where parents and guardians come in but unfortunately they either live in pretention or are forced by religious piety not to have that sex talk with their kids.
With this fact in motion, sex becomes for these teenagers a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. They run into it with just a single sex fact ” sex is fun”. No doubt, it is and in fact it is more than fun. It has numerous benefits, good for the mind and body at the same time but there is another sex fact ” sex can transmit deadly sexual diseases'”. This is an important sex fact that all teenagers must become aware of, by being aware of this deadly aspect of sex, the teenager is then armed with the right knowledge, with which to guide their sexual conduct, protect their lives and also perpetuate the enjoyment of sex in their lives.
Parents must teach their kids the habit of putting protection first before indulging in sex. Unprotected sex can lead to a lot of nightmares and this is one sex fact, defaulters can not escape from. So if you are out there and feel the Unrestrained urge to have sexual pleasure, please do but not before using protection because unprotected sex can kill and this is a sex fact.

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